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(Battery Outside Board)
Transparent Blue or Black Wheels
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Shark Wheel pours all wheels in California and assembles the boards at the Shark Wheel Offices in California.


  • 95mm Shark Wheels
  • 26.1 mph speed
  • 25.2 mile range
  • 38'' x 9'' deck (7 ply Canadian Maple and 1 ply Fiberglass)
  • Remote - 4 speeds
  • Waterproof (IP54)
  • Charging Time 4 hours
  • Uphill 30% grade
  • 4 speed modes
  • 4 brake modes
  • 19 lbs


Why Shark Wheels?

More Grip & Slide Control


The width is increased, but the friction is decreased! The sine wave design provides three lips per wheel for superior lateral grip. When you want to slide, they break away smoothly and recover easily.

Less Friction, More Speed


The wave pattern design allows for a thin contact patch touching the ground and therefore less friction, resulting in a quicker ride.

More Traction Over Various Terrain


The alternating pattern of grooves significantly reduces hydroplaning by channeling liquid, sand or gravel out and away from the surface of the wheel, allowing for a firm contact patch with the ground.

Shark Wheel Advantages

 1. Shark's Electric Skateboards are the best in the entire industry. No other board has a non-circular wheel that has been scientifically proven to outperform all competitor's wheels in nearly every single categoy.

2. The best wheel in the world over rough terrain. The sine wave geometry tends to move around small objects like small pebbles & debris kicking them left and right out of the way. Circular wheels tend to steamroll over objects, leading to a performance decline and possibly even an accident. Shark Wheels are perfect for wet roads, as they funnel water away from the contact patch of the wheel adding grip. This has been scientifically proven by SDSU in 2 years of testing.


3. Lasts longer. Scientifically tested to last 15% longer when cruising. Shark Wheel has multiple center points compared to one center point on a traditional wheel. Also, traditional circular wheels prone to flatspotting because they wear unevenly with only one center point. Flatspot resistant. This has been scientifically proven by San Diego State University, Mechanical Engineering Department in 2 years of testing.

4. Lightning fast. Less friction touching the ground, less rolling resistance. Cruisers do not have to work as hard when riding. This has been scientifically proven by San Diego State University, Mechanical Engineering Department in 2 years of testing.



5. Better slide control. The Shark Wheel actually spins as it slides acting like a car's antilock brakes. The 3 lips of the Shark Wheel compared to 1 lip on a traditional wheel give predictable slides. Also, slides are easier to perform due to less surface area in contact with the ground-less friction to initiate slide. Some SurfSkate riders like to drift and the Shark Wheel gives you the ability to break into a slide if you want or just carve with extra grip.

Electric Skateboards are typically used for cruising. Whether you ride to work, school or take a joy ride, electric skateboards are perfect for last-mile transport. Shark Wheel has electrified its sine wave tech and is close to releasing the best-in-class electric skateboard to the world. Testing so far has shown the Shark Electric Skateboard outperforms Boosted Boards. They last longer than and go faster as well.

95mm diameter Shark Wheels are used for Shark's Electric Skateboard. The wheels are large and go over almost anything in the road. They have less friction than a circular 80mm wheel! Get rid of that old electric skateboard and treat yourself to the best board in the industry.


Shark Wheel entered the skateboard/longboard industry in May 2014. Shark Wheel has waited over 5 years to release the best performing electric longboard in the market!


1. What is the battery AH capacity?

  • 1 lithium battery
  • 7.5 ah for the POWER
  • 3.5 ah for the THIN

2. How flexible is the deck?

POWER:  7 ply Canadian Maple and 1 ply Fiberglass. The board definitely has a medium flex I would say. With the board having a low center of gravity and a battery underneath, we did not want the board to be too flexible. The max weight is 285lbs

THIN:  10 ply Canadian Maple and 1 ply Fiberglass

3. Do you ship anywhere in the world?

Please make sure your country accepts electric skateboards before ordering. 

4. Motor/Battery Specs?

  • Brushless motor
  • 30 cells (battery)
  • 7.5 AH
  • 540w
  • POWER Charge time 4hrs
  • THIN Charge time 2hrs

 5. What is the weight capacity for the boards?

  • POWER:  286lbs
  • THIN:  220lbs

6. What is the battery placement?

  • POWER:  underneath the board (Replacement batteries available, easy to change battery)
  • THIN:  inside the board (Replacement batteries available, easy to change battery - takes 10 minutes. Expected life is 500 charges)

7.  How many volts for the charger?

100-240 volts

8. How long does the battery last?

Estimated 500+ charges

9. Wheel Colors?

Yes, transparent blue or black

10. Can I buy the 95mm wheels separately?

Yes. we provide wheels.

11. Do the Shred Lights waste the battery power?

No. Shred Lights run on their own rechargeable batteries that do not affect the performance of the board. They last 150 hours before they need to be recharged. White lights in the front and red lights in the back. In some places (like California), it is a law to use lights on your board. Discounted cheaper here than anywhere else. You can add to your order when you click 'Pre-Order'

12. Can it go in reverse?


13. Does the board have regenerative braking?


14. Does the Shark Wheel lessen the shock when riding an electric skateboard?

Yes. The 30 degree approach angle of the Shark Wheel strikes all objects at an angle lessening the shock. Think of driving your car over a speed bump or a dip in the road. People inherently know to drive at an angle to reduce the shock. The angle also tends to kick small objects left and right out of the way smoothing the ride!

15. Nearly all electric boards are made in China. Where are Shark Electric boards made?

Shark Electric boards are made in China, but the secret sauce is the wheels. Shark Wheel opted to pay 5 times the cost to manufacture its wheels in California. Whereas 99% of electric skate companies buy run-of-the-mill cheap wheels with inferior polyurethane from China, Shark Wheel buys the best high-rebound polyurethane in the world. The difference is so significant and worth the additional cost. The Shark Wheel geometery coupled with the specialized formula we use elevates our electric board performance to a new level.

16. Were you on Shark Tank?

Yes. It was quite an experience! Shark Wheel was also on the Discovery Channel for reinventing the wheel, FedEx commercials, FOX and much more

17. I know you say the wheel is great, but what about other people's reviews?

Shark Wheel has hundreds of 5-star verified purchase reviews on Amazon. Read social media, watch videos on YouTube. All of the evidence is there. Along with our scientific testing, 
you should feel very confident you are ordering a world-class product.

18. Is the Shark Wheel really square?

Yes and no. Technically, the Shark Wheel is a 540 degree shape (circular wheels are 360 degrees) that is a hybrid of a cube, sphere and sine wave. 
Look at the below picture of a singular Shark Wheel. It touches all 6 sides of a cube perfectly flat! And rolls perfectly smooth.



19. Can you post a picture of the remote?



20. Has it really been tested scientifically? If the Shark Wheel is so good why isn't it in other industries?
Yes, it has gone through 2 years of scientific testing at San Diego State University, Mechanical Engineering Department. Other tests were performed in labs. Significant advantages were found in friction (when in motion), longevity, rebound (which translates to speed), abrasion resistance, and off-road performance.

The Shark Wheel is used by multiple Fortune 500 companies in the pallet jack/forklift industry right now. Also, Shark Wheels can be found on Samsonite luggage, Harley Davidson luggage, SkyValet luggage and launching in 2020 for military luggage. Shark Wheels are also on farming equipment, medical equipment, casters and much more!
21. Is the Shark Wheel really based on Nature? Where does the name 'Shark Wheel' come from?
The wheel mirrors Nature. Everything in Nature alternates. The way fish and sharks swim, the way radio waves move, the way planets move around the Sun and even how humans walk with an alternating gait. Alternating motions Nature's preferred form of motion.

The name Shark Wheel comes from the shape of actual shark jaws. They are a near perfect match:
22. Do you have a video that explains the technology?

More Pictures







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