Hammer Electric Fat Tire Beach Snow Bike-Matt Black

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The Hammer series' design is vintage and inspired from the 70’s. The frame is designed to make it look old school, as an observer would regard it a homage to the good old 70’s. Soft, yet sporty saddle with a suspension seat post for extra cushioning where it counts.4” wide tires allow you to effortlessly float over virtually any terrain including sand, mud, and even snow. Stylish, safe and comfortable, ECOTRIC® lets you leave your car in the garage and get biking!


Q:I'm 5'6 inseam 27". What is the frame size in inches or CM?

A: Suggest rider tall 5’24”-- 6’23”.

Q: Can you use the throttle if the pedal assist is set to zero? Or must you set the pedal assist to 1-9 in order to use the throttle?

A: You must set the pedal assit to 1-5 to use the throttle.

Q: Is the battery removable?

A: Yes, batteries are removable. There is one battery on each side of bike.

Q: Is it a 20 or 26 inch frame?

A: 26 inch.

Q: 26" wheels? The listing doesn't seem to say. And will this fit someone who's 6' ?

A: Suggest rider tall 5’24” - 6’23” .

Q: Can I take the battery out of the bike and charge then put it back in bike without bringing the whole bike with it?

A: Yes. The batteries come off and the charger comes with a Y-fitting to charge both batteries at once.

Q: Is the bike fold-able?

A: NO.

Q: Does this bike comes with a front light, rear carriage and a horn/bell.. in this price..?

A: No. You can buy those accessories from here.

Q: Do I gotta assemble by myself?

A: Not totally, you only need to set the handlebars , slide the seat post in, and attach the front wheel. ( Make sure to charge the batteries to a full charge before riding. Run the battery down almost all the way for the first three cycles.( this kinda trains the batteries to perform as good as they will).

Q: Can I use only throttle, or must always peddle?

A: Yes you can. What the by "motor assist" is when you peddle, you are helping the motor and getting more mileage. This comes in real handy when your going up steep hills @ 20 miles and everyone thinks your superman.


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