8 Tips on Electric Bike Maintenance for New Owners

Part of keeping your electric bike running for as long as possible is the right maintenance strategy. Here are tips on electric bike maintenance for new owners.

Electric bikes are the new craze for the eco-friendly sustainable crowd. An analyst for Guidehouse predicted that 113 million electric bikes will be sold between 2020 to 2023. 

Not only that, but some analysts are predicting that electric bikes will outsell electric cars in the United States. 

If you are one of those who jumped on the bandwagon, then your focus now is probably electric bike maintenance, more than anything else. Maintaining an electric bike isn't the same as maintaining a normal bicycle. 

In fact, because of the electric bike battery and other extra electrical parts, an electric bike requires extra loving care. If you are interested in learning about 8 tips to maintain your electric bike, please read on!

1. Make Sure Your Tires Aren't Deflated

If you have been riding a normal bicycle for a while, you know that it's pretty easy to gauge if your tires are flat, or your gears are worn out. But the thing about an electric bike is that it compensates for all these things.

This means that you might not be aware that your tires are flat or your gears wore out, but also that your battery will get discharged faster, which could be a problem if you have a set plan for your ride.

Always check both tires and gears before heading out.

2. Check Your Brakes by Going Around the Block

Electric bikes are slightly heavier than normal bicycles, so this means that you need to have a set of properly working brakes. It's extra important with electric bikes that you do a check on your brakes before heading out on a long ride. 

Do a quick bike around a car park or your house to ensure that everything is fine mechanically.

3. Ensure Your Battery Is on Full Charge

Lithium-ion batteries like to be charged up. They don't like it when they are drained. If this happens, the battery can enter a dead zombie-like state then, which takes a lot to get them out of. 

Even if you've only used up one bar of the electric bike battery, charge it up. Lithium-ion batteries should be charged often - it increases their battery life.  

4. Plug Your Bike Cables in Properly

The electrical cables are the ones that carry all the information through them, so you want to ensure that they are well taken care of, and plugged in properly. 

If you manage to hook the cables onto the car rack when taking your bike off or damaged them when riding through crowded streets, the data will not run through them accurately.

5. Look at the Magnet for the Speed Sensor

It's quite common for the magnet to get knocked out of alignment with the sensor if you were a bit rough on the bike on the trails or in transit through busy city streets. Make sure it's in line with the sensor with the appropriate distance between them.

6. Check That Your Battery Is Secure in Its Mounting

If you have an internal battery, this will be hard to do. But for an external battery that's mounted, this is a crucial step. If the battery has some play in the mount, then fix it to avoid any intermittent faults. 

7. Clean the Male Terminals on the Battery

If you don't know what this is, then you can wait for a professional bike shop to look at it.

But it's a great idea to take the battery out, and clean out the male terminals so that you don't get random error codes related to dust in the electrical parts. Sometimes, it could be as simple as that.

8. Don't Use a High-Pressure Hose at the Electrical Parts

You are probably excited to do your electric bike maintenance, so much so that you start using all these random bike maintenance tools on it.

But in your exuberance to clean out your electric bike, don't forget that you need to avoid getting water into the electrical parts. Yes, keep your bike nice and clean, but don't aim a high-pressure hose at your electrical parts. 

Use a nice clean cloth or an old t-shirt to rub down your bike, and keep it squeaky clean.

Don't Poke or Prod at Your Battery or Parts Too Much

Electric bike maintenance, for the most part, is easy to do for a newbie bike owner. But if you aren't sure of what the electrical parts are, it's better not to poke or prod at them unnecessarily. 

Definitely do not poke into the terminals of the battery, because that could shock you. 

If you are unsure, the best thing to do is take a quick and easy course at the nearby bike shop on beginner electric bike maintenance. 

With proper care, your electric bike could last a long time, but this means that you need to know exactly what you are doing.

They will teach you some basics like not spraying lubricant into the wire ports or treating the cables with care, and ensuring the bolts that are mounted into the frame are tight.

There are things that you could learn on your own over time, with some trial and error. But sometimes it's better to bypass the learning process by going to an expert bike shop. 

Electric Bike Maintenance Isn't a Fool's Game - It's Necessary

All the time that you put into your electric bike maintenance is absolutely worth it. It will come back to you ten-fold, in the long life of your electric bike. 

If you are a newbie bike owner, you might be a bit overwhelmed right now. But there's no need to fear. Little by little, you will get to know your bike better than you know the back of your own hands.

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